Coffee vs. Tea: A showdown

In this video, Tyler from ActiveBeat compares two of the most popular hot drinks: coffee and tea. I was a bit annoyed that they took a specific look at black tea since we all know about the many health benefits of green tea or chamomile tea – but it’s still quite valid. My big win for tea is mainly the fact that it’s usually a lot less processed if you stick to loos leaf tea. […]

7 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Doctor Mike talks about 7 proven benefits of green tea and the perfect way of how to drink it. I’m a BIG green tea drinker, specifically in the afternoon, as I feel it helps me both keep going and gets me a good boost. I’m so happy the word about all the benefits of green tea are being reported in the press more and more – it really can have a big impact on your […]

Welcome to my Tea Blog

Hello everyone, I’ve spent countless hours discussing whether or not I should start this blog with my husband. He has been pushing me to do something with my passion for tea for ages, and I’ve always been quite hesitant. But, over Christmas, my daughter’s boyfriend Thomas insisted he could help me set up a website quite easily and free of charge (Thank you, Thomas!). So: I took the plunge! And here it is: Thomas spent […]