earl grey tea

The complete guide to Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is an extremely popular black tea. Although its full history is not known, it is still one of the more interesting teas. Because it has few ingredients, it is easy for anyone to make. Most people enjoy Earl Grey tea for its wealth of health benefits. Tea has quickly made a come back for its medicinal properties, and thousands of people now enjoy the wonderful impact that tea has had on their quality of life and their health.


A man by the name of Charles Grey become Earl Grey when his father met an untimely death in 1807. At this time, Earl Grey became one of the members of the House of Lords. He remained well known throughout the country for his opinions and advocation efforts pertaining to parliamentary reform and Catholic rights.

While this is believed by many to be the man that is responsible for Earl Grey tea, no one is quite clear on how the recipe came about. There are several stories that are believed by different people to be true. One popular story is that the tea was a gift to Earl Grey, and that after he became the owner of the recipe the tea became more popular. Another is that the black tea did not taste good, and so the oil was used to make it taste better. A third story is often circulated that claims the tea were made by mistake. The recipe evolved when a shipment of tea and one of the bergamot oranges were shipped together, which led to the juices of the oranges mixing with the tea. It was enjoyed, so it became a well-known tea. Historians do not know how or why the tea is named after Earl Grey.


Earl Grey tea is a black tea with few ingredients. It typically involves a simple black tea with a dash of oil from bergamot orange. Those that prefer a sweeter taste to combat the taste of minerals that black tea is often associated with typically put more oil in their tea.

Variation of Earl Grey tea are found by using different ingredients. The same black tea is used, but when it is combined with blue cornflower blossoms, it is known as Lady Grey tea. Those that prefer to put bite-sized bits of citrus into their tea know this mixture as Russian Earl Grey Tea. Russian Earl Grey Tea has a similar taste to that of Earl Grey tea when oranges are used, but the orange flavor is often more prominent in Russian Earl Grey tea.


This refreshing tea provides a taste that is truly different in the most energizing way. The touch of citrus perfectly mixes with the base of black tea for a drink that will wake a person up better than most morning cups of coffee. Aside from the delicious taste, most people enjoy Earl Grey tea because of the wealth of health benefits that it provides.

Antioxidants. This mouth-watering mug of refreshing liquid is jam-packed with antioxidants. When food is full of powerful antioxidants, the body absorbs them as the food or drink is digested. Then, these antioxidants prevent oxidation in the body, a process that produces free radicals that will damage the cells in the body and cause disease. Antioxidants protect every single cell on the inside of the body, so the more you have the healthier you will be.

Reduced Disease. Because of all the antioxidants found in Earl Grey tea, regularly consuming a warm mug of freshly brewed tea can help the body beat life-threatening diseases, such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Lower Blood Sugar. In studies conducted, it was discovered that individuals that consumed the recommended dosage of Earl Grey tea had a drop in blood sugar levels of slight over 20%. This research made headlines in the diabetic community. While Earl Grey tea might not be enough to fully beat diabetes, it is a great addition to a plan to keep blood sugar low.

Lose Weight. In other studies, those that consumed Earl Grey tea regularly found that it was easier to lose weight, but the exact reason behind this remains unknown. Some believe that it is the oil in the tea that aids in weight loss.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety. Earl Grey tea wakes you up like a morning cup of coffee, but without the additional stress and tension that caffeine is known for. Instead, this beverage has a powerful amino acid that has been proven to help the body relax, making your morning refreshing and your day a breeze.

Soothe Upset Stomach. Although the tea itself will not help an upset stomach, the Bergamot oil in the tea will. According to experienced nutritionists, this oil is known for helping to soothe the ache of an upset stomach.  It can assist in dealing with colic, upset stomach and nausea.

Constipation. Because Earl Grey tea helps aid in the digestion process, it can often help combat constipation by keeping bowels regular. The best method of deal with bowel movement problems is prevention, and Earl Grey tea can do that.

Combat Cavities. Earl Grey tea has a healthy dose of fluoride in the tea, which helps prevent cavities before they have the chance to start. It also has a powerful antioxidant that is called catechin, which is known for preventing oral infections. A cup a day may be able to keep the dentist away.

Depression. Bergamot is well-known in the world of aromatherapy for helping to boost energy levels and improve one’s mood, making Earl Grey tea a popular recommendation for those that are suffering from depression. A cup in the morning can easily help ease anxiety and lessen symptoms of depression.

Boost Energy Levels. Too much caffeine might be a bad thing, but enjoying a little bit in the afternoon can give you that boost of energy that you need to make the last work hour as productive as the first one and get you through to that deadline. One cup might not make you as alert as a cup of coffee will, but it will do its part to keep your eyes open.

Cure for the Common Cold. Bergmont, which is found in Earl Grey tea, is known in the world of holistic healing to help reduce fevers naturally and combat the common cold. Keep in mind that this wonderful natural remedy only applies to Earl Grey tea, not any of the variations.

Common Uses

Earl Grey tea is most commonly used to combat the common cold, and for its wonderful health benefits. It has become an important part of maintaining health and preventing common diseases throughout the world. Although everyone has their reasons for having a small stockpile of Earl Grey tea, the most common reasons for consumption include:

  • Lower blood sugar
  • Weight loss
  • Improved mood
  • Caffeine
  • Cure for the common cold
  • Regulate the digestion process
  • Improved mood

Be advised that these are the most common reasons, but not the only reasons that people drink cups of Earl Grey tea.

Side Effects

Although there is a wealth of health benefits associated with Earl Grey tea, everything is only good in moderation. Too much of this tea can produce some unpleasant side effects that tea lovers need to be aware of.

Tension. Although there are plenty of decaffeinated versions of this tea available, there are also plenty on the market that are loaded with caffeine, and that is not always advertised on the box. This can lead to consumers that are sensitive to caffeine experiencing more tension, anxiety, and stress. To avoid this, make sure to read the box before purchasing Earl Grey tea.

Additional Sugar. When individuals add additional sugar to their Earl Grey tea, as is common, it can have adverse effects that will prevent them from enjoying the full health benefits. The additional sugar will result in higher blood sugar levels and decreased weight loss.

There is not a wealth of known side effects reported when drinking Earl Grey tea, but it is important to remember that this is different for every person. Often, people may experience a feeling of being unwell if they have just begun their journey to a healthy lifestyle. This is due to the body eliminating harmful toxins and combatting free radicals that are running rampant inside the body. Over time this feeling often passes.

Common Dosage

The most common dosage of Earl Grey tea is three cups daily. These cups are typically six ounces each or the size of a standard coffee mug. However, many individuals enjoy an oversized mug of Earl Grey tea in the morning without experiencing adverse side effects. Studies that were used to determine the effects of this tea on blood sugar, heart health and weight loss consisted of a daily amount of three standard-sized cups.

Earl Grey tea offers a unique flavor that many enjoy, but more and more people are drinking this delicious beverage to enjoy the health benefits in addition to the flavor.