ginseng tea

An overview of Ginseng Tea

Ginseng is one of the most popular medicinal herbs on the planet, used for literally thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine but also used globally in Europe and in North America, too.

While the Chinese loved the cognitive enhancements that ginseng brought to the table it was the Native Americans that were using ginseng in tea specifically for combating stress, anxiety, and depression. They also loved using ginseng for its immune system boosting elements, its ability to fight back against bacterial infections, and even for treating blood pressure issues like erectile dysfunction.

Today ginseng is in more demand than maybe any other point in human history, thanks in large part to its benefits being conclusively proven by the modern medical community. If you’re looking to transform your health and wellness with a hot cup of tea every morning it’s not a bad idea to make sure that it is ginseng tea!

Quick History of Ginseng Tea

As we made mention of a moment ago, the Chinese were the first people in human history (at least according to recorded history) that used this herb root for medicinal purposes.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng is designated a “warming” herb, mostly because the ancient health practitioners using this herb believed that it was able to increase our energy, stimulate body functions, and improve our health and wellness by activating and energizing our body – warming us from the inside out.

In North, America ginseng was being used almost parallel to the way that it was being used in China, though it took a little bit longer for the Native Americans to begin making the most of everything this herb brings to the table.

The root was frequently ground up and applied as a topical ointment or poultice, but very quickly a number of Native American tribes throughout the US began boiling ginseng in hot water – creating their own tea-like beverages (usually supplemented with other herbs and all-natural remedies) to use as a medicine, too.

Asian vs American Ginseng

Before we dive deeper into how you can use ginseng tea to improve your health and wellness it’s important to highlight the subtle differences between the Asian and American forms of ginseng out there today.

Almost identical in every way except for a small handful, the biggest difference between Asian and American ginseng boils down to the ratio of active ingredients contained within each of these all-natural herbs. Both of these forms of ginseng have active ingredients designated as RG1 and RB1 but the ratios between these two active ingredients are a little bit different.

Asian ginseng has a higher ratio of RG1 to RB1, allowing it to stimulate the central nervous system more consistently and more powerfully. This is why Asian ginseng is frequently used as an energy-boosting supplement compared to American ginseng.

American ginseng, on the other hand, is more frequently used in products that look to help you deal with stress and anxiety, solutions designed to help you lower your blood glucose and blood sugar levels, and solutions designed to relieve pain.

Both of them make incredible ginseng tea options and you can even consider mixing Asian and American ginseng together to produce a tea that includes the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Ginseng Tea

The reason that ginseng is so popular in the alternative and all-natural health and healing worlds is because it flat out works, with a number of studies conducted by researchers all over the world (across a number of decades) conclusively proving that ginseng is able to have a number of beneficial impacts on your body and your health.

Below we highlight just some of the biggest benefits of consuming ginseng tea on a regular basis you’ll enjoy, the kind of the benefits that not only start to manifest themselves shortly after you start to take advantage of this hot beverage but also the kind of benefits that are long-lasting, too.

  • Improves Cognitive Capabilities

Right out of the gate, you’re going to be able to dramatically improve your overall cognition – including boosting your memory, improving your mood, and helping you to more easily regulate your emotions when under stress and pressure – all thanks to drinking a couple of ounces of ginseng tea on a regular basis.

The rub here is that you’ll need to drink ginseng tea on a consistent basis to continue to see these beneficial cognitive improvements. Research out of the UK shows that if you cease to consume ginseng tea for a stretch of eight weeks the cognitive benefits begin to dwindle away until you start drinking ginseng tea again.

  • Boosts Your Mood

Ginseng also has an all-natural ability to improve your mood, triggering a release of healthy biochemicals (including endorphins) already produced by your body on a more consistent basis to help you feel happier.

The bump in energy that you’re going to get from ginseng tea will increase your mood as well, helping you to feel better prepared for the day, more confident, and more capable of handling anything that life might throw at you.

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

American ginseng tea, in particular, is going to help armor your mind and your spirit against stress and anxiety, in large part thanks to the same kind of biochemicals we highlighted above that improves your mood and your attitude.

More impressively, however, is the ability for ginseng tea to prevent you from feeling stressed out and anxious before these kinds of feelings even begin to invade your mind. Getting out of a hyper stressed and anxious state is very challenging, but with ginseng tea you’re able to prevent those kinds of situations from happening in the first place – transforming your life for the better almost right away.

  • Fights Inflammation

Ginseng tea has sky high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory biochemicals, including a handful of very specific ginseng only biochemicals that are able to inhibit inflammation while at the same time increase antioxidant capacity in cells all over your body.

This means that you’re going to be able to not only decrease the inflammation that you already have but you’re also going to be able to prohibit a lot of that information from taking root to begin with, protecting your body with the help of ginseng tea.

This will help with your physical health but it’s also going to improve your mental wellness and acuity, too.

  • Speeds Up Weight Loss Efforts

A number of specific biochemicals in ginseng tea can trigger faster weight loss results when combined with a proper diet and exercise approach geared towards melting fat from your body.

Ginseng tea has thermogenic properties that are able to increase your metabolism, with properties that also work to inhibit or suppress your appetite. This means you’ll be able to melt fat even while you sleep when you consume ginseng tea on a regular basis but it also means that you’re going to be eating less (and less bad food that you might have otherwise been craving) – which is going to help time, too.

  • Improves Immune Response

Overall immune system response rates are increased with the help of ginseng tea. A number of studies conducted in the United States have pretty conclusively proven that ginseng tea consumption increases immune system markers, particularly with those that are already fighting off illness or disease.

If you need to get over a cold, a flu, or another illness in a hurry you want to make sure that ginseng tea – at least a few ounces a day – are a big part of your daily intake.

  • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels can be regulated with the help of ginseng tea, too. Studies conducted by the ADA have shown ginseng triggers improved overall pancreatic cell function while at the same time support increased insulin production while improving the overall blood sugar levels in your body.

Some believe that fermented red ginseng boiled into a tea is the best approach to take when you’re looking to combat something like diabetes. That kind of ginseng tea can be a little bit more difficult to come by (and a little bit more expensive) but it may be worthwhile – though you’ll get many of the same benefits with any traditional ginseng tea, too.

  • May Fight Cancer

The ability for ginseng tea to fight back against cancer cells and tumors is still not yet fully understood, but new research is very promising.

Even more interesting is that individuals already undergoing chemotherapy are able to significantly reduce the number of side effects that they have to worry about by consuming ginseng tea on a regular and consistent basis.

At the end of the day, drinking ginseng tea certainly isn’t going to make your health or wellness any worse and adjust may provide that extra bit of help you need to combat something as insidious as cancer.

Closing Thoughts

Ginseng has always been a cornerstone ingredient in the all-natural and alternative health worlds, and you’re going to want to make sure that you are taking full advantage of everything it has to offer if you’re serious about improving your life and your health.

Boiling it into a tea is a great way to add more ginseng to your daily intake, and because you can “spike” other tea options with more health benefits with a bit of ginseng to get many of the same results that wouldn’t be a bad idea to take that kind of approach, either.