rose tea

An introduction to Rose Tea

Flowering tea options have started to grow in popularity over the last few years, with people beginning to experiment with different flowering plants and their petals to change the way that their traditional green or black tea tastes – or making tea exclusively with these flowers, too.

And while there are a variety of different flowering plants out there that can be turned into delicious and healthy tea options, the most popular of the bunch has to be roses.

Not only are roses beautiful to look at, beautiful to smell, and a picture-perfect gift for someone special in your life but they also can be brewed into a delicious and almost delicate beverage that can be served hot or cold.

Now, before we go any further into this quick guide you’ll need to know that there are a couple of things you’ll need to think about before you purchase (or make your own) rose tea moving forward. The most important detail of all is the fact that rose tea usually isn’t exclusively made with rose petals alone but also takes advantage of rose hips, too.

You’ll need to be sure that you are sourcing your rose tea materials from a 100% reputable source, though there are farms and producers around the world that have been dedicated to growing roses specifically with tea in mind so that shouldn’t be a problem.

You’ll also be glad to know that there are some pretty significant health benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you choose to drink rose tea on a regular basis. We’ll cover all of these bases (and then some) in the rest of this quick guide.

Let’s dig right in!

Finding the Right Roses

The first major piece of the puzzle that you’ll need to figure out when getting ready to drink rose tea is sourcing high-quality rose petals, rosebuds, and rosehips to use as the backbone of your tea beverage, to begin with.

Traditional roses that you find at the local supermarket or florist probably aren’t going to make the best tea imaginable.

Sure, you could add these rose petals and these rosebuds into a pot of boiling water and produce something like a tea – but the results will be anywhere near what you would get using high-quality roses grown by organic farmers and florists that know how to produce top-tier options specifically designed with human consumption in mind.

There are a number of companies out there that sell prepackaged and pre-dried rosebuds and rosehips that you can order online, getting yourself high-quality rose tea that is easy to make and delicious without any headache or hassle if you’re having a tough time locating organic roses in your local area for one reason or another.

Folks that really enjoy everything that rose tea brings to the table regularly report that the best-tasting beverages are made from rose petals and rosebuds from a variety of different rose species all mixed into one delicious tea.

That might be an approach you want to try if your first few experiences with rose tea leave you wanting more!

Health Benefits of Rose Tea

Aside from the luxurious smell and delicate flavor that rose tea brings to the equation, you’re also going to be able to enjoy some pretty significant health-boosting properties when you consume this beverage on a regular basis.

Scientists have studied roses for decades to better understand the cytotoxic and antioxidant benefits that they make possible when ingested by humans, with the research proving conclusively that these plants and flowers are capable of triggering powerful biochemical reactions throughout the body that improve your health.

On top of that, researchers recently have reported some major breakthroughs in the study of roses that show they may be able to provide extra help in the war against cancerous cells throughout the body – particularly when it comes to breast and cervical cancer specifically.

Obviously, that research is still quite new and needs to be verified and expanded upon. All the same, anytime you find something from the natural world that has no side effects but may be able to help fight back against a deadly and dangerous disease like cancer it’s easy to get excited.

There are a number of other significant health-boosting benefits you’ll enjoy when you consume rose tea on a regular basis, benefits that include but are not limited to the ones we highlight below.

  • Alleviates Menstrual Issues

There isn’t a woman on the planet that gets excited about having their menstrual period or having to deal with the side effects and symptoms associated with this time of the month, particularly because of the cramping and pain that menstruating inevitably causes.

Teenage girls, as well as those that have just begun to men straight, deal with some of the worst pain associated with this kind of cramping, with more than 50% of females reporting that cramping significantly reduced their athletic and academic performance as well as cripple their ability to socialize the way they would have liked to.

Interestingly enough, however, rose tea has been used for hundreds of years as alternative medicine and all-natural healing agent to alleviate menstrual cramps as well as some of the pain that menstrual cycles can bring about.

Research out of the United Kingdom conducted over a six-month block of time with 130 females participating showed that rose tea conclusively helps combat these kinds of symptoms, helping almost all of the women involved in this study feel less pain and less discomfort.

  • Improves Digestion

Rose tea has also proven to be a powerfully effective digestive aid, leverage throughout the Middle East for centuries as an important part of a balanced daily diet.

The people of Syria, Lebanon, and some of the more rural regions throughout the Middle East consume rose tea and other rose-based beverages on a near day-to-day basis, partly for traditional purposes also because it really is a powerful digestive aid.

In fact, in Syria a rose tea concoction mixed with other 100% all-natural herbs grown throughout the region has been used seemingly forever to cure stomach pain, cramps, and ulcers while also helping to resolve constipation issues and other digestive concerns.

A lot of the antioxidant benefits rose tea offers help improve digestive activity even more so, just another reason to consider drinking rose tea more often than you may be drinking it right now.

  • Powerful Anxiety and Pain Relief

We have spoken a bit at length about the significant amount of antioxidants that rose tea has contained within, but it’s the same antioxidants that are going to work to improve your mood, release more endorphins throughout your body, and help you to push back against feelings of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

A study conducted in the United States also showed that just breathing in and smelling your rose tea (a form of aromatherapy) before you consumed it could help you to alleviate feelings of anger, tension, and even physical pain.

Anytime you have a chance to use something from Mother Nature to alleviate your mental and physical strain or stress – something 100% free of side effects – it’s not a bad idea to consider leveraging it whenever possible.

  • May Fight Diabetes

The jury is still out in regards to whether or not rose tea is actually an effective solution for fighting back against diabetes in the human body, though clinical trials focused on laboratory rats with diabetes have shown some very promising results.

It appears as though the biochemicals inside of roses are capable of suppressing the overall carbohydrate absorption rates of your small intestine. By doing so, your body can really slow down the production of postprandial blood sugar – helping you to keep your overall blood glucose levels in check and helping you to have a firmer grasp over diabetes (particularly when combined with medication, healthy eating, and regular exercise).

  • Loaded with Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals – including terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids, carboxylic acids, etc. – and a variety of other potent biochemicals are found in great numbers in rose petals, rosebuds, and rosehips.

When you brew this plant matter into a delicious tea and consume it on a regular basis all of those potent phytochemicals and biochemicals are rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream, helping to improve your overall health and wellness across the board.

You’ll see major improvements to your immune system response, your ability to resist common colds, flus, and other illnesses, as well as a faster healing and recovery timeline.

According to some researchers, the biochemicals found within rose tea are available in much greater numbers than what you find in green tea – which is pretty surprising, considering the fact that green tea is universally seen as one of the healthiest beverages you can drink on a regular basis.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of health benefits you’ll enjoy when you make rose tea a big part of your routine tea rotation. It may not necessarily be something you drink on a day to day basis but it is certainly something you’ll want to drink on a weekly basis (at the very least), if only for the health improvements it provides.