How to pick the perfect Teapot

Teapots look a lot like every other teapot on the market, but in reality, there are some pretty distinct differences that you’ll not only want to be aware of but that you’ll focus on when you are getting ready to purchase a new teapot going forward.

Below we break down all of the key considerations you’ll want to keep top of mind when you are on the hunt for a new teapot, the features that separate the best options on the market today from all others, and why you’ll want to spend a little bit more to get your hands on the best teapots available.

Let’s jump right in!

Teapot Chamber Size Means Everything

One of the most important details you’ll want to look for in a brand-new teapot, and honestly, one that goes often overlooked, is finding an option with an oversized teapot chamber that provides plenty of room for the tea and the water you have put inside to circulate.

Your tea leaves are inevitably going to expand as they soak in the hot water that you have poured within, and you want to make sure that there’s enough room for those leaves to “breathe” to release just as much of their flavor and the healthy biochemicals you’re hoping to get out of each batch.

It’s easy to tell if the teapot you’ve selected has a large enough chamber just by glancing into the teapot after you have made a batch.

If after the brewing process has completed you pop open the lid and have a look around and find that there is still quite a bit of free space available the chamber is plenty large enough. If, on the other hand, your tea leaves look cramped or compacted the odds are pretty good you’ll want to shop for a larger teapot going forward.

As a general rule, it’s also a good idea to get your hands on a teapot that has a chamber that is at least as wide as it is tall. Compact teapot options that are short and squat are regularly regarded as some of the best options out there for this very reason!

Consider an Infuser Basket

Another way to make sure that your tea leaves have plenty enough room to expand (while making cleanup a lot easier, too) is to get your hands on an infuser basket.

These little “drop-in” baskets are made of mesh and make getting leads into your teapot simple and straightforward but make cleaning things out just as easy as well. The larger the infuser the better off you’re going to be (for the same reasons that we highlighted above when speaking about your teapot chamber) as you do not want your tea leaves to be crushed, compacted, or otherwise inhibited.

Handles Are a Big Piece of the Puzzle

The handles that are attached to the teapot you have selected are a major factor, too – and not just for the obvious reasons that you may be considering.

Sure, elegant handles add a lot a visual flair to a teapot that may not have existed otherwise but you’re really looking for something solid, something concrete, and something stable to get a hold of more than anything else.

Larger handles are always better than smaller handles, not only because they accommodate larger sized hands but also because they accommodate hands that have gloves, oven mitts, or kitchen towels wrapped around them as well.

Some people look for a very specific angle on a teapot handle, but at the end of the day each manufacturer does things a little bit different than every other. What you do want to be sure of is that the handle itself sits back far enough from the teapot so that your knuckles aren’t getting burned when you pick it up, but also that the angle allows you to easily control the teapot when full and while pouring.

It’s always a good idea to hold a teapot in your hands before you pull the trigger on a purchase for these kinds of reasons. You want to be 100% certain that your teapot is solid and stable, that the handle feels good in the hand, and that the handle is cemented onto the teapot itself. Teapot handles that are attached delicately or with weak fasteners will fail more often than not – and usually a lot sooner than you expect, too.

Spout Details Are Critical

The spout of your teapot is going to determine whether or not each pour is consistent, accurate, and easily controlled.

Imperfectly design spouts are going to have odd distances from the rim of the teapot, aren’t going to be tapered at the end to concentrate the stream of the pour, and are generally going to be a lot more difficult to utilize than those that have been designed very intentionally.

It’s also a good idea to look for teapot spouts that have a much wider opening towards the teapot itself before tapering delicately towards the end of the spout that the tea is actually going to come out of. This allows for things like mesh strainers and infuser baskets to be taken advantage of without having to worry about things getting clogged up or pours becoming inconsistent. It also eliminates any difficulty cleaning your teapot when you are done with it, too.

Don’t Forget the Lid!

The lid is sometimes an afterthought when it comes to finding the right teapot, but you want to make sure that this isn’t something you get sucked into believing.

The right lid is going to make a world of difference not only in how your teapot looks but also in how your teapot functions, how your teapot feels in the hand, and whether or not your teapot is easy to clean going forward.

The right lid should fit securely on the top of your teapot, not allowing steam or any aroma or flavor from your tea to escape while at the same time allowing for a small amount of air to enter into the teapot to allow for easier and more consistent pouring.

Some people like lids that are attached directly to the teapot itself, swinging open on a hinge, whereas others are a lot happier with lids that can be removed completely from a teapot. In my experience, teapots with removable lids are a whole lot easier to clean and if the lid fits tightly and securely you don’t have to worry about it slipping off while you are pouring a cup of tea, either.

Aesthetics Do Matter

At the end of the day, the best teapot on the market for your specific needs and your specific budget is always going to be a teapot that you enjoy using on a day to day basis – and that usually means a teapot that you don’t mind looking at all the time.

Today there are teapots available in pretty much every aesthetic option imaginable, from the most classically inspired and traditional looking teapots to something much more minimalistic, something much more modern, and something that isn’t even easily recognizable as a teapot until you start to brew a batch yourself.

You won’t have any difficulty whatsoever finding options that fit your specific style and your specific interests, that’s for sure. There are even custom teapot options available on the market today that allow you to have a hand in the creation of your very own teapot. They are a little bit more expensive (for obvious reasons) but it’s hard to argue with the opportunity to put your very own personal stamp on something like this!

Closing Thoughts

All things considered, you are going to have a myriad of options to pick and choose from when you go hunting for a new teapot.

It’s important that you establish a budget before you go on the hunt or you’ll find yourself spending a lot more money than you expected to or anticipated, just because of how many great teapots you’ll find that are just beyond what you want to spend if you didn’t set that budget in concrete to begin with.

After that, you’ll want to focus on the key details that we highlighted above to guarantee that you get the highest quality teapot for your money. The beautiful thing here is that teapot technology (if you can call it that) is better today than ever before, and thanks to some pretty major advances in manufacturing and materials getting a great teapot at an affordable price is easier now than it ever used to be in the past.

Use the details we highlighted in this quick guide to inform your decision, work within your budget, and outline your expectations for what you want to get out of this teapot moving forward and you’ll have absolutely no trouble whatsoever finding something you can be really happy with!

All you have to do from there is find great tea to brew in it!