vanilla tea

The complete guide to Vanilla Tea

Vanilla tea has made its way across the world and into the cupboards of millions. It has a rich history that most find extremely interesting. Because there are few ingredients, most people are safe drinking vanilla tea, which means that they can enjoy all the benefits that come with this tea. There is a wealth of both health and beauty benefits that have made this tea one of the more popular flavors.


Vanilla tea has roots in both Chinese and Mexican history. It is well known that all tea originates from China. According to Chinese tales, the emperor of China was boiling water when tea leaves wafted out of a tea tree and into the water. He removed the tea leaves, but they had already steeped. Because of this, the water had a magnificent taste. He enjoyed drinking the tea, and soon learned of its impressive healing abilities. As time went on, this delicious drink became popular across the world. It has remained popular and well known for its health benefits since A.D. times.

The history of vanilla comes from Mexico. Long ago, this delicious orchid was only found on the Eastern coast of Mexico. As one group conquered another, they become the owners of vanilla. Then, Spain conquered the Aztecs, and finally brought vanilla to Europe. This was when vanilla became extremely popular. It did not take long for people to learn how to make various items with vanilla, and now it remains a popular ingredient in many of our favorite foods. Vanilla extract or pure vanilla is the key ingredient found in vanilla tea, hence the name.


Vanilla tea has as many ingredients, or as few ingredients, as one would like. Often, people prefer to make their own vanilla tea. The base of this delicious drink is tea. This can be black tea, green tea or even chai tea. After making plain tea, add a couple drops vanilla extract to enjoy a soothing cup of vanilla tea. If this item is purchased in pre-made teabags, it often contains simply tea and vanilla, in addition to anything that was needed for processing or packaging.

Health Benefits

When a person sips a mug of vanilla tea, they enjoy the benefits of vanilla and tea. Both ingredients have become extremely popular in the holistic health world, and for good reason. They can easily help both cure common ailments and prevent future health problems. It’s important to remember that specific health benefits can depend on what type of tea is used as a base.

Lower cholesterol. Vanilla is wonderful for individuals that are a higher risk for developing high cholesterol or heart disease, and for those that already have it. Research has confirmed that vanilla, when taken daily, can help lower cholesterol.

Reduce anxiety. Both vanilla and tea are known for their soothing impact on the body and soul. Tea helps to instantly reduce tension while the soothing aroma of vanilla works to calm the mind. Together, these two work together in perfect harmony to create a calm environment within oneself.

Weight loss aid. Vanilla is a natural way to help suppress appetite. This is an exceptional way to help lose that stubborn tummy fat without taking additional supplements.

Stomach problems. Not only will vanilla keep your stomach from growling, but it will also help you if you are suffering from stomach pain, indigestion or diarrhea. This simple ingredient is known for regulating bowel movements and aiding in the digestion process.

Antioxidants. Tea of any kind, from black to green, is known for being full of antioxidants. Tea can help reduce the risk of future diseases, such as cancer, combat free radicals so that they cannot hurt your body, and stimulate cell regrowth to repair the damage that has been done.

Anti-inflammatory properties. Vanilla is known for helping soothe aches and pains due to arthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. These help vanilla tea act as a natural pain reliever, which makes it a wonderful addition to anyone’s diet. This can also help reduce aches and pains from several other conditions.

Beauty Benefits

Vanilla and tea both offer more than just health benefits. These two ingredients make a powerful combination that has blown away the beauty world. These common applications of vanilla, tea or both will help cut costs on beauty products, eliminate common ailments and provide an all-natural alternative to common beauty products that is wonderful for the environment.

Acne. Drinking vanilla tea daily can instantly help reduce acne. Because vanilla tea is full of anti-inflammation properties, anti-bacterial properties and helps eliminate toxins from the body due to its high level of antioxidants, it will help acne slowly become a thing of the past.

Dull skin. There are plenty of products, such as highlighters, that are designed to give the skin the youthful glow that it once had. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on highlighters or brightening creams, simply enjoy a soothing mug of tea in the afternoon. Most people begin to enjoy a brighter complexion in as little as a few weeks.

Anti-aging. Vanilla and tea are both known for their antioxidants. These not only help prevent cell damage, they also help prevent signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dull skin and fine lines. Because of this, vanilla extract is included in many anti-aging products. Vanilla tea, however, does the same thing. It helps combat aging from the inside of the body.

Side Effects

Vanilla has been deemed safe when taken in smaller amounts, such as the amount that is commonly used to make vanilla tea. When applied topically, pure vanilla extract is known to cause irritation and possibly swelling due to the extreme irritation. Too much vanilla can cause headaches as well. When vanilla extract is taken in significantly larger portions, it can cause intoxication. Those that are only using a few drops of vanilla for their tea shouldn’t worry about this. It takes a significant amount in order to become intoxicated from vanilla extract. Aside from these few side effects, none have been reported.


Although there is no set dose as to how much vanilla tea a person should drink, it is often advised to consume vanilla tea twice daily to enjoy all the health and beauty benefits that it offers. Often, people consume a variety of teas to enjoy the various benefits that each tea provides and include vanilla tea at least once or twice daily.

Brewing Recipes and Ideas

Vanilla tea can be purchased at most local grocery stores, but many people prefer to make their own as well. This is a cheaper alternative to purchasing vanilla tea as most plain tea bags and plain loose-leaf tea is more affordable than flavored tea.

To create vanilla tea, simply brew the base tea as normal. Then, when it is done, add three drops of pure vanilla extract. This is the simplest vanilla tea to make.

Another vanilla tea recipe includes adding milk or cream for a beautiful look, and a deliciously thicker tea. To make this vanilla tea recipe, make the vanilla tea as mentioned above. Then, add ¼ cup milk or creamer to the tea and stir. This adds a deliciously creamy texture and taste to the tea.

Other delicious tips for making the best vanilla tea include:

  • Brew the tea with milk or soymilk instead of water for amazing chai tea
  • Add ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • Use Earl Grey tea instead of plain tea
  • Add vanilla extract to any herbal tea
  • Add a tiny splash of honey (this is a great idea for those that are suffering from a cold)

There are so many vanilla tea recipes and ideas available that a person could enjoy a different type of vanilla tea every day! Take the time to truly enjoy vanilla tea and find the perfect one that soothes both the stomach and the soul.

Pure Vanilla Extract

When making vanilla tea, it is important to carefully select vanilla extract at the store to make sure that it is pure vanilla extract. Imitation vanilla extract is often cheaper and is very popular. Vanilla extracts that are a combination of pure vanilla extract and other extracts are also very common. This is because these have a similar flavor but are available at half the price. Fake vanilla extract does not provide the same health and beauty benefits that pure vanilla extract does, however. Read the bottles carefully, and shop for this extract in the organic section if possible. The flavor will be more delicious, and the benefits will make the additional cost well worth it.

Vanilla tea has become so popular that several varieties are available pre-made in tea bags. It can also be found at both fast food and fine dining establishments across the world. Every chef has their own recipe, and every tea lover has their favorite version of vanilla tea. Those that are just now learning about this soothing beverage are encouraged to give it a try. Not only is it good for physical health and appearance, but it is also the perfect ending to any day.